Master Mixed, Playoff (17-20)

PUC Ultimate  
15-13 PUC Ultimate 
Fly High Lausanne  
 15-7 17th PUC Ultimate
Amsterdam Ultimate Club  
15-8 Amsterdam Ultimate Club 
Handle with Care MX  
  18th Amsterdam Ultimate Club
  Fly High Lausanne 
 15-11 19th Fly High Lausanne
  Handle with Care MX 
  20th Handle with Care MX


Scoreboard leaders

PlayerTeamGms AstAst/GmGlsGls/GmTot.Tot/Gm
Stefano BurzioFly High Lausanne230.00100.00130.00
Cyril CaylaPUC Ultimate270.0010.0080.00
Bart KuijstenAmsterdam Ultimate Club210.0060.0070.00
Thibaut LenouvelPUC Ultimate210.0060.0070.00
Mathieu BaillyFly High Lausanne230.0040.0070.00