Disctèrics (Master Mixed)


WMUCC-2022 roster:

# Name Games Assists Goals Total
0Carles Oliver Casanellas912517
18Isaac Pera Ruiz9617
22Irina Batllori Jimenez9044
29Miquel Cerro Piña914115
42Joaquim Olivés Farrés9000
55Anastasiia Antonovska9314
56Marta Ortiz Aneiros952025
57Gerardo Amortegui Lozano9088
58Mariel Bros Perez9134
59Helena Andres9538
60Olivier Guiot916824
61Aitor Uriarte Diaz910414
62Lucia Otal Ordas910818
66Benjamin Bismuth1000
84Núria Casas Balmaña9099
85Joan Fañé Bolibar9257
86Irene Taberner Palahí9224
97Estíbaliz Díaz Echezarreta93710


Division: Master Mixed

Disctèrics 1 - 15 Descent  Game play
Birds of Paradise 8 - 15 Disctèrics  Game play
Disctèrics 15 - 10 Amsterdam Ultimate Club  Game play
Pie Wagon 15 - 7 Disctèrics  Game play
Disctèrics 13 - 15 Beefire  Game play
Disctèrics 6 - 15 Members Only  Game play
Sugar Mix 15 - 13 Disctèrics  Game play
Disctèrics 9 - 15 Reading Ultimate  Game play
Long Donkeys 14 - 11 Disctèrics  Game play


Event type Games Wins Losses Win-% Goals for GF/game Goals against GA/game Goal diff
outdoor92722.2 %9010.012213.6-32
Total92722.2 %9010.012213.6-32
Event Division Pos. Games Wins Losses Win-% Goals for GF/game Goals against GA/game Goal diff
WMUCC-2022Master Mixed1692722.2%9010.012213.6-32

Spirit points received:

Given by Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Birds of Paradise221229
Amsterdam Ultimate Club2223312
Pie Wagon2332212actively avoided contact. retracted calls after talking
Beefire2242313They didn't contest calls in tough situations, also in their endzone. In general, really high spirit
Members Only2233313very fun game. good attitudes. would love to play them again
Sugar Mix3333214
Reading Ultimate2233313
Long Donkeys2232312

Spirit points given to the other teams:

Given for Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Birds of Paradise1223311
Amsterdam Ultimate Club2233313Outstanding spirit game! We almost gave you a 4 for fairmindedness considering it was a close and decisive game.
Pie Wagon2223211
Members Only2223211
Sugar Mix2233212Despite how tight and intense the game was, they had a great spirit and fair-mindedness
Reading Ultimate2232312
Long Donkeys111339