Tombstone (Grand Master Open)


WMUCC-2022 roster:

# Name Games Assists Goals Total
0Neil Griffith9257
1Kevin Vigar9303
5Seton Stiebert9044
7Joel Yearsley9729
8Josh Perina97310
9Shawn Chua931114
10Cary Weingust0000
11Graham Fletcher9303
12Colin Hanes9202
13Graham Withers5213
14Scott Craig97613
16Phil Watanabe901010
17Mark Zimmerl9617
18Toly Vasilyev910515
22Kirk Nylen98210
24Andrew Clark95510
29Louis Lamb9246
30Jesse Robertson9123
32Dan Ellenberger962127
33Inian Moorthy9123
68Aaron Steele9325
77Hugh Brewster971017
80Will Mercer96713
88Peyton Leung911314
93Shawn Hyunh98513


Division: Grand Master Open

Tombstone 15 - 0 DJ Dahlem  Game play
Tombstone 14 - 13 FIGJAM  Game play
Quarantine 11 - 15 Tombstone  Game play
Tombstone 8 - 13 Johnny Walker  Game play
SG Uncles 7 - 15 Tombstone  Game play
Black Cans and Highlands 14 - 13 Tombstone  Game play
Tombstone 8 - 14 Surly GM  Game play
Zimmer 15 - 9 Tombstone  Game play
Silence 11 - 15 Tombstone  Game play


Event type Games Wins Losses Win-% Goals for GF/game Goals against GA/game Goal diff
outdoor95455.6 %11212.49810.914
Total95455.6 %11212.49810.914
Event Division Pos. Games Wins Losses Win-% Goals for GF/game Goals against GA/game Goal diff
WMUCC-2022Grand Master Open795455.6%11212.49810.914

Spirit points received:

Given by Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
DJ Dahlem2333213
Quarantine2332212good game. intense and clean
Johnny Walker2223312
SG Uncles2332212good clean game
Black Cans and Highlands2333314Great guys!
Surly GM2222210

Spirit points given to the other teams:

Given for Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
DJ Dahlem3233314The score does not reflect how wonderful and spirited this team was on the field. Great guys
FIGJAM2332212Oh Canada!
Quarantine3333315This game was intensely contested but Quarantine kept it clean and spirited, and most of all kept pushing us. Proud to be Canadian at WMUCC.
Johnny Walker2122310
SG Uncles3333315very enjoyable game, despite low numbers everyone made maximum effort to make the game enjoyable.
Black Cans and Highlands2333314Best team here!
Surly GM2222311
Zimmer2222311Played hard despite the low numbers. Should be proud of their group
Silence3333315Enjoyable game - competitve but calm. Great way to end the tournament.