Zimmer (Grand Master Open)

 Great Britain

WMUCC-2022 roster:

# Name Games Assists Goals Total
2Stu Greer1071219
3Dave Grayson10437
4James Cooper1021416
5Matthew Ford105712
6Ben Mitchell10167
7Dan Berry1071825
8Lewis Glover107613
10Sion Thaysen108816
11David Ford10055
12Dave Barnard10224
14Rik Shipley1014519
16Ben Rolfe9202
17David Sealy10161834
22David Bixler10171128
23David Stobbs109918
28Alan Harding109413
37Felix Shardlow10606
70Rob Whitehouse1019928
80Matt Mcloughlin10000


Division: Grand Master Open

Zimmer 13 - 15 Shadows  Game play
Silence 9 - 15 Zimmer  Game play
Zimmer 8 - 15 Surly GM  Game play
Handle with Care GMO 6 - 15 Zimmer  Game play
Zimmer 15 - 6 Esperanza UP Ultimate Club A.C.  Game play
Zimmer 15 - 4 NSOM  Game play
Oida 3 - 15 Zimmer  Game play
Johnny Walker 15 - 11 Zimmer  Game play
Zimmer 15 - 9 Tombstone  Game play
Shadows 14 - 15 Zimmer  Game play


Event type Games Wins Losses Win-% Goals for GF/game Goals against GA/game Goal diff
outdoor107370.0 %13713.7969.641
Total107370.0 %13713.7969.641
Event Division Pos. Games Wins Losses Win-% Goals for GF/game Goals against GA/game Goal diff
WMUCC-2022Grand Master Open5107370.0%13713.7969.641

Spirit points received:

Given by Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Shadows3233314So fair, their sideline helped overturn bad calls
Surly GM2233313Great communication, checking in frequently
Handle with Care GMO3333315
Esperanza UP Ultimate Club A.C.2222210Great game Competitive team. Thanks.
Oida2233212Very open and clear communication
Johnny Walker2323313
Tombstone2222311Played hard despite the low numbers. Should be proud of their group
Shadows2223211Fantastic game and spirit

Spirit points given to the other teams:

Given for Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Surly GM2222210
Handle with Care GMO2232211We really appreciated the heads up before the game from the spirit captain. It really helped the game. Some on-pitch conversations could have been resolved more quickly but it was all fair.
Esperanza UP Ultimate Club A.C.2122310there were multiple bumps on the mark. however they made great effort to resolve calls
Johnny Walker122229
Shadows2333314a fantastic game where spirit was often heated and Shadows played with care