PlacementMaster MixedMaster OpenMaster Women'sGrand Master MixedGrand Master OpenGreat Grand Master Open
Gold Descent Boneyard Reboot Squad Molasses Disaster Surly GM Surly GGM
Silver Epoq Voltron2020 StellO Surly GMX FIGJAM Relics
Bronze SOS Johnny Encore Soar! *sore Happy Campers Black Cans and Highlands No Country
4th QOLD Iznogood lowercase HiJinx Johnny Walker Recycled
5th Old #7 Still Ripe Grey Owl Zimmer TOAST
6th Members Only King Louie Molly Grey Southern Charm Shadows Torontosaurus Rex
7th Slower Magic toast Masterclass Max power Tombstone JETS
8th Beefire Royal Stag LMU Endless Sunset Silence Flash
9th Pie Wagon NSOM Seagulls Big Fish, Little Fish Quarantine SOUP
10th BoD Pacemaker Berta Cur$!ve NSOM German Alltime Ultimate Lovers
11th Snowbirds Warao Ultimate Turmero PUMAS Woodies Oida 
12th Sugar Mix Goldfingers Ultimate Club PDXtra  DJ Dahlem 
13th Reading Ultimate Dead Circus MaQramée  SG Uncles 
14th Heidees (TV Eppelheim) Status Quo jinX  Esperanza UP Ultimate Club A.C. 
15th Long Donkeys Woolly Mammoth Kalipso Master  Handle with Care GMO 
16th Disctèrics Hardfisch Spanglish   
17th PUC Ultimate Mr Friz Samsui   
18th Amsterdam Ultimate Club MasterClass Les Culottées   
19th Fly High Lausanne Carbon    
20th Handle with Care MX Skyline    
21st Learning to Fly     
22nd Frisbeurs Nantais     
23rd Thundering Herd Masters Ragings Bananas    
24th Halal WIZARDS GRAND CRU    
25th ReUnion Wolpertinger    
26th Birds of Paradise Paixão    
27th Spätmix Cologne Urutau Ultimate Club    
28th Club Comunidad el Oso Puyal India    
29th MCP     
30th RJP     
31st Chilli Legends     
32nd Guambats     
33rd Old Main Line Frankfurt