GOAT (Open)


WUCC 2022 roster:

# Name Games Assists Goals Total
1Akifumi Muraoka1081725
3Andrew Carroll106410
5Luc Comiré1013316
6Jason Lam9213
7Michael MacKenzie1071219
8Thomas Edmonds108311
9Jaret Meron10415
10Geoff Bevan10707
11Jonathan Edwards1051823
12Remi Ojo10011
13Iain MacKenzie1011314
14Marijo Zlatic10123
15Jacky Hau10022
16Ben Pries10011
19Thomson McKnight1012517
21Geoff Powell6123
27Nathan Hirst96713
34Philip Turner10033
43Andrew Ouchterlony10055
44Kevin Jay10123
55James Lewis1062026
61Adam O'Donnell9516
63Eli Park10123
83Jason Huynh108311
86Dan LaFrance10055
88Wilkie Lewis1015722
92Adam Turcotte10415
95Jeremy Hill10325

WUCC 2022:

Division: Open

Clapham Ultimate 15 - 10 GOAT  Game play
GOAT 15 - 9 CUS PADOVA Barbastreji  Game play
Ranelagh 7 - 15 GOAT  Game play
Melbourne Ellipsis 12 - 14 GOAT  Game play
Raleigh Ring of Fire 15 - 13 GOAT  Game play
GOAT 15 - 14 Nomadic Tribe  Game play
GOAT 15 - 9 Gentle game d  Game play
Mooncatchers 15 - 14 GOAT game l  Game play
GOAT 8 - 15 Sunder game z  Game play
GOAT 15 - 11 Nomadic Tribe game af  Game play
Rhino Slam! 0 - 1 GOAT game ag

Spirit points received:

Given by Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. Total
Clapham Ultimate2223211
CUS PADOVA Barbastreji212229
Melbourne Ellipsis2232211
Raleigh Ring of Fire2222311
Nomadic Tribe2222210
Nomadic Tribe122229

Spirit points given to the other teams:

Given for Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. Total
Clapham Ultimate2123311
CUS PADOVA Barbastreji2233212
Melbourne Ellipsis3232313
Raleigh Ring of Fire2232211
Nomadic Tribe112228
Nomadic Tribe2133211